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Why I’m having bad sales?

Why having bad sales?

Probably a lot of people who do online business, often ask themselves this question. Some of them are a part of the so called “old generation”, who still think: “People know me. I’ve been in this business for 20 years.” Yes, but during these 20 years the market has increased and it’s not the little kid we used to manipulate so easily. The number of players has grown and the rules of the game have changed. 

You can’t be an analogue player in a digital world.

The last few years users have been actively using the Internet as a source of information and this tendency is still growing. It has forced all types of business to change into online presentation. The web design studios were in their zenith and today almost every business has its own web site.

It might sound great, but not only did a huge part of these businesses failed to improve , but they got worse. Apart from the outside factors like the Economic crises, small and poor market, etc. (Eastern European market), I’ll discuss the question “Why I’m having bad sales?” and what needs to change.

Consumers have needs, and they have to buy goods and services, but they go to your competitors.


What is the problem?


Do you have a good prices on your products and services? And when I say good I don’t mean the lowest price, but a nice ratio between price-quality-market. If you don’t have a descent price and you are not a monopolist, then probably that is the main reason for your problems.

Let’s assume that’s not the case, and your prices are great, so let’s move on.


I like to compare online presentation with VHS stores from a few years back. You were a client and you needed a product (in this case a movie). The price of all the tapes was the same, turning the VHS store into a price-regulated market.

How did you choose a movie when you weren’t looking for anything particular?

I’m guessing we all had these moments when we choose the film by it’s cover. No trailers, references, comments, or reviews. Just you and the covers. You like any cover, you read a little info on the back, browse through a few more titles at the store, and finally choose a movie. The ones with unattractive covers didn’t even get your attention.

The same principle applies today when we choose something on the Internet. You search for something in Google, open the first 5 or 6 results, close the unattractive and chaotic ones, and stop at the sites with an appealing design.

Considering these search patterns, where your website stands – with the unattractive or the appealing ones?

Of course, not everything is about the design. The fair look only grabs your attention for the first 10 seconds. In order to hold your client, you need a well structured and intuitive website with an easy navigation, direct offers, short and accurate information. When people use your website, they must not meet any difficulties to find what they are looking for.

And don’t forget that you have visited your own site a hundred times and you have no trouble using it, but your potential clients are visiting it for the first time. To find out whether your web site is the weak link, consult with a reputable, experienced web studio. The experts there know what to look for and how to improve the usability of your website.

You have good prices for your products and services, as well as a professional, intuitive web site. But what is the use of them if there is no one to see them? Where is your site ranking when you search Google?

Your site has to be on one of the top positions on Google, in order for it to be seen, visited, and profitable. I mentioned above that users searching through Google only look at the first 5 or 6 results, and in some rare cases browse through the other pages. If your site is not on the first positions, it’s no use for you.

Consider SEO or Google Adwords in your business development plan. The best way is to use both.

Along with good prices and high quality site, we are guessing your website is optimized and ranks TOP 3 on Google. You often get queries and calls, but again the results are poor.

Put you own house in order, mate.

The unprofessional treatment towards clients leads to the lack of desire on their part to buy your products. Check the way your employers answer the calls, how they treat your clients, how fast they react when making offers. Be better than your competitors – learn more about them, explore their weaknesses.

Be professional and earn client’s trust.

And don’t forget, it’s much easier, more pleasant and profitable to work with permanent clients, than constantly looking for new ones. Think about it and consult with professionals how to make your clients come back to you again, and again.

If you fulfill everything on this list, then you’ll be the first choice for all potential clients.

We expect your comments, based on your professional experience. What increased or worsened your sales?



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Мирослав Иванов е съосновател на SEO студио Delow. Той е водещ специалист в сферата на SEO оптимизацията с профилирана насоченост към копирайтинг, социални медии, CRO и анализ.

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